Love Equals Spiritual Growth


I like this definition of love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, place, thing, animal, or idea. Today I will just use it in a general since. Love…I will also capitalize it every time I use it to give it the attention, and power it deserves. When I think of Love.. It brings to my attention the relationship between plant and animal. A great magnetic power that brings with it healthy satisfaction and a unbreakable bond. As we expel carbon dioxide and request oxygen, they release oxygen and demand carbon dioxide. In fact they expels what we need in every nook and cranny that is open to receive it without even asking. Even in our sleep we expel the essential gas they need. They reproduce to continue giving to us as do we to them. Seemingly a lifelong connection. What a wonderful relationship. What a harmonious thought. Now lets discuss the ugly part briefly also. Just as some plants are dangerous and poisonous, so are we to them, but interestingly enough through bees, birds and other means of travel we still find a way to stay together. Even when we go through conflicting interest like chopping down trees for space to live, or allergies to grasses or plants. We still manage to find a way to remain together. Bound together by destiny. The most important part for us to remember when we think we have nothing in common, and aren’t anything alike is we both require some amounts of sunlight, and water to survive. This is what continues to draw us together, this is what matters the most. We must not run from this chemistry, and we cannot survive without this pure bond which is Love. This bond is what helps us to grow physically, and spiritually. We must learn to nurture each other. If we deny ourselves the right to this natural connection we fail to grow physically, and spiritually.

Love & Health

Marc Well