And Thats The Racist Truth

togetherHello, today I would like to address some very crucial facts. In hopes of stopping a complete disaster, in hopes of reforming a wonderful choice to unite, in hopes of carrying us into a new millennium, and not ending in a new millennium. The United States was formed to establish unity, and promote justice. I have always love that saying, ” There is no “I” in team”. It sums up the whole meaning of this great country, and it speaks volumes in the mist of division. In order to respect both sides of the race war, I must first respectfully disrespect both races, then show respect for both races. First off black people are not completely Americas problem. Black Americans in very recent history just started owning things in this country. In fact black Americans just recently in the last 50 yrs got any say so in the big scheme of things on the development of this country. They were told what to do, and when to do it. They were force fed new ideas, and ways of living. From religion to sports. In fact this country just allowed its first mixed race American male to serve in a Presidential capacity. In fact I do recall the last President(whiteAmerican) giving out money to taxpayers on his way out the door, after initiating a war with no end. I also recall the current president announcing shortly after taking office that this great country is officially in recession(not of his doing). While all races of the US were in the middle of a heated war, which black American again did not declare, but did humbly help fight. So I say this to say..White America please take responsibility for your ancestors choices, and actions. Next but truly not the least..Violence has begat violence, and both serve to defeat the purpose of our one cause. The violence that black Americans suffered for hundreds of years was so horrible. Beatings, murders, rapes, and loss of ancestry. They didn’t create guns, weapons of mass destruction, nor credit cards. They didn’t establish our election system, basketball, school systems, food stamps, or welfare. Not knowing anything about yourself. Being separated from family, and friends without every hearing from them again. Now does that in anyway sound like a civil human. Taking their names from them, their beliefs, not allowing them to read and write. Now one last disgusting note about that taking their beliefs from them thing. So if they were severely beat, if they were taught to kill, steal, and destroy. What else did you expect from today? I am personally proud of  the black American(some) race, just as I am with white Americans(some) for moving on. Black Americans should refuse to succumb to their masters brutal teachings. Instead they taught their children of a lost heritage to move on and get along, and now they have come so far…white americans have come so far, and went around many road blocks. Now Black Americans(some) you are not a slave anymore, the police are not just shooting black males. White americans are killing white americans, just as black Americans are killing black Americans, and white communites are suffering, and on welfare. No one owns you, or manipulate you anymore than they are manipulating the whole society(Pun intended). Stop with your bitterness, and disrespect of your ancestors. Stop with the chip on the shoulder behavior. Continue to raise yourselves up out of the past. Politely express your desires, and most of all stop destroying such progress by trashing the neighborhoods in Ferguson. If you live in these neighborhoods report these crimes. In fact white Americans should not be the ones trying to stop this foolishness so much. It should be black Americans running them out. For the reputation of the whole race future. Last but really not the least is the only thing we should be force feeding our little ones is … One nation under(your beliefs), indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

Love& Health

Marc Well