Together We Stand Divided We Will Fall

Solomon once said. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”. He also said,” Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. These are crucial words to explain what is required to advanced to the next level of growth for humanity. I personally would not be comfortable with seeing someone with the intent on being an individual without the concern of others rule this next millennium. This planet is over populating very fast. As water demands its space. We look out across the universe in suspense. Wondering if our place is out there, or do we stay here and eliminate our neighbor. Do we arm ourselves against the inevitable. Humanity seems to think that together is not a option. We say, and do things to each other with the intent to do long term damage. Never considering the fact that we need each other to lighten the work load. Why break a bond with a neighbor we have to live by everyday. This causes all kinds of awkwardness. We distinguish ourselves from one another by skin color, when the sun just doesn’t shine with the same strength in all locations. Since the colors of our skin is still constantly evolving. Why speak so hastily about what colors we don’t like., then start to plan their demise. You might mess around and curse one of your own future grandchildren. As we awaken daily to our war torn existence, we realize that we have not even began our bright future. We have let down our families, our community, and destiny. I like to sit in the company of chickens,  goats and such to truly learn about ours basic instincts. I watch the black chickens move around with the black chickens, then the white chickens with the white. Even the mixed chickens with the mixed. A ask myself is this the intent of the universe, or are we completely forgetting that we are the higher being in this food chain. The fact is our future deserves better, and such a diversity of colors brings with it certain talents because of their adapted skills. This is what is required to advance the human race into  this new millennium, or we subject ourselves to a natural phasing out of many bloodlines by using strong prejudices in our choices of mates, which limits our option each generation.

Love & Health

Marc Well