The Bull With The Dinnerware

BULLGood Day.. today lets talk about the strong and mighty bull. So big and mighty. Respected for its size and strength. Feared for its power to charge, to exert enormous amounts of energy in a short burst. No fence can contain, no audience can be tucked away far enough to be safe from its mighty horns. Each year the bull runs the narrow paths of the local streets in ceremony, in competition. Many travel far and wide to accept this challenge with the anticipation of not being caught. Each year many ride them with the intention of staying on the longest. What happens when you release the bull in with your dishes, your best dinnerware. Something so delicate, precious, valuable, and beautiful. You get exactly what you should expect. Broken dishes, useless to any guest. Not even the best glue could replace the small pieces grinded into dust. This is what big weapons, big government, and huge radical religious movements do to our world, our home, and our souls. It grinds the self esteem, and the will to powder. Tearing away at the trust, broken glass everywhere, shattered hopes, and dreams. Everything has its place. The bull doesn’t belong in the cabinets with the best dinnerware. It doesn’t belong in every home. There is a place for it. Dealing with its own. I mean tracking down radical groups who mean harm. Who threaten the masses, forcing us to live in fear. Bulls lock horns all the time to see who is the strongest, and who is the best. I try to take the high road when it comes to a lot, but radicalism, extreme behavior, and violence is no excuse. If your movement causes death. If it is the reason your/our streets are in rubble, if its the reason for children living in squalor. Unprotected, malnourished, and unidentified. Then you are the bull in the dinner cabinet. If you waste tax dollars watching me. Looking for a reason to excuse a unjustified contempt. Then you are the bull with the dinnerware. I pose no threat. I love you and yours just as much as mine.


Marc Well