Spiritual but not Religious

Good evening all. Today I would like to clarify the meaning of religion, and the root to a loss of momentum in the right direction. Religion: any formal or institutionalized expression of such belief. Today I would like to dig into the wound of society. Are we better off religious or spiritual. Religion for years has been the cause of wars, division, strife, confusion, and last but not least….death, and destruction of whole bloodlines. How can one be so in love with attending a meeting that plans, and divides our society with hateful tactics against our neighbors. I once visited a small town of 1200 people that had 52 churches and temples in their town all using the same book to teach from mostly all related people to, and very closed mined about society..This was a very low income area, and churches lined the streets. What could be so different about us that we would require so many institutions to speak from one book. When has a religious person ever spoke to their neighbor, and not down to their neighbor?..as if they all have to be lost. How can the God we claim as our father show biasness, division , and more love for one group? The fact is religion is not the answer to a independent relationship with our higher power or inner self. Can one become strengthen from being religious? Yes group support by our very nature builds some level of confidence, strength, and motivation even street gangs have showed us this. What happens when the we are better, they are lost attitude steps in? What happens when the same issues persist? This is when we leave one church or temple to worship at another, and another. The very nature of religion is division. The God we speak of is a inward outward thing. Everything you and I need is within us, and our neighbor Gen 2:7 Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.. The  bridge between the natural and the spiritual are crossed by understanding our difference, and accepting safely what you cannot understand. Fact is if you are tied up in a religious war, confused about our existence, or sitting in a pew dividing yourself from the rest of the world. Then you are feeding the problem. The nature of humanity is to grow into this vessel we live in. To coordinate our flesh and spiritual to better work for our future. How does religion help us do this. The same wars are still raging on by the devout ones who not only want to make everyone what they are, but will also take up arms in pursuit of this agenda. With serious violence. This is not good for our future. Humanity is crying out. Spirituality is relating to the spirit or soul and not to physical nature or matter; intangible. If we want to see our full potential.  Focus on ourselves. Motivate one another, encourage growth, and support a more inward outward approach to betterment. Fact Jesus was not a catholic or a Christian, he wasn’t Baptist or Pentecostal. Muhammad was not a Muslim …It didn’t exist. These are all institutions that sprang up in their name. Society again are getting themselves caught up in the messengers, and missing the message. Jesus traveled and taught (no temple), and for the record the men traveling with him we can prove carried swords…now does that sound like a peaceful protest to you. I challenge everyone reading this to look inward for answers to problems first before looking at our neighbor. Focus less on religious beliefs than spiritual growth. Remember if we focus on bettering ourselves the whole world will change…Lets stop fighting other peoples battles, and win some of our own.

Love & Health

Marc Well


Together We Stand Divided We Will Fall

Solomon once said. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”. He also said,” Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. These are crucial words to explain what is required to advanced to the next level of growth for humanity. I personally would not be comfortable with seeing someone with the intent on being an individual without the concern of others rule this next millennium. This planet is over populating very fast. As water demands its space. We look out across the universe in suspense. Wondering if our place is out there, or do we stay here and eliminate our neighbor. Do we arm ourselves against the inevitable. Humanity seems to think that together is not a option. We say, and do things to each other with the intent to do long term damage. Never considering the fact that we need each other to lighten the work load. Why break a bond with a neighbor we have to live by everyday. This causes all kinds of awkwardness. We distinguish ourselves from one another by skin color, when the sun just doesn’t shine with the same strength in all locations. Since the colors of our skin is still constantly evolving. Why speak so hastily about what colors we don’t like., then start to plan their demise. You might mess around and curse one of your own future grandchildren. As we awaken daily to our war torn existence, we realize that we have not even began our bright future. We have let down our families, our community, and destiny. I like to sit in the company of chickens,  goats and such to truly learn about ours basic instincts. I watch the black chickens move around with the black chickens, then the white chickens with the white. Even the mixed chickens with the mixed. A ask myself is this the intent of the universe, or are we completely forgetting that we are the higher being in this food chain. The fact is our future deserves better, and such a diversity of colors brings with it certain talents because of their adapted skills. This is what is required to advance the human race into  this new millennium, or we subject ourselves to a natural phasing out of many bloodlines by using strong prejudices in our choices of mates, which limits our option each generation.

Love & Health

Marc Well