The Brain.. The Harddrive Creating You

brainnnnyAs we arrive on this plane from the womb, and other ways soon to come. We are absorbing everything around us. In fact it starts even before, well before. We start collecting data. We start gathering info from our eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin. This makes up an experience in which we file. With most of these experiences making up our character. So you are created ready to receive. Here I go popping out with people around giving me data like Hi your name is Marc, we live here, we come from here, we believe this, we do this, we don’t like this, and we don’t accept that. As the brain stores all this info and files it we absorb these files into our constantly developing soul. We express this soul by use of our personality; the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others... So I went all the way around this mountain to say. Learn to fact check new ideas, and beliefs before you absorb them into your soul and express them outwardly to the world around you. As some experiences are force fed, but them too have a safe and healthy place to be filed. I Love You!!!

Love & Health

Marc Well