Truth About You

LOVEYou are a great leader, you are beautiful, and you are rare. You love your neighbor, you deserve better, and you need one another. In fact I need you. I miss you, I think of you all the time. You are richer than your wildest dream. Your wealth will last forever. People say wonderful things about you. You can do anything you want. Greater is he/she who is in the world and not of it. You are the best person I know for the job. You put your Higher Power, home and environment above all else. Don’t wait on anyone else too help you live out this wonderful existence. Start Today!!!! Grant forgiveness to those who offend. Grant life, and mercy to those willing to show effort to be tolerant of difference. This is you, this is me. Stop destroying the villages, neighborhoods, cities, towns, and countries we live in. Our children and families live here, and there. What do we gain if we destroy what we fight for in the mist of battle. We assume we fight for freedom, when we demolish the very thing we love. We are better than that. YOU!!! are better than that. I love you. This is why I write. To speak to you in your spare time, in my spare time, in your private space, in your time of confusion, and in your time of struggle. Thank you for listening.

Love & Health

Marc Well