Politicians by Definition

politicsPolitician is a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles. Now why are we surprised at the actual results or lack there of with this profession? If the definition of this is as such why are we so surprised? We live In a society were we even let relatives run things. Not because of merit or effort but because of their name, and relationships. Does being the wife of a politician automatically grant leadership characteristics? Does being the brother of past politicians warrant our trust, or turning over the keys to our families future. because you are a politician…does this mean that you will listen to us, do as we ask, represent us and our desires? No..there is nothing in this definition that describes in anyway these characteristics. Another definition for politician is….a person who is experienced or skilled in the art or science of politics, government, or administration; statesman. There is nothing about serving, or integrity involved in those words. This means there is no reason to trust ,elect, or believe them from their work. I didn’t make this up. This definition is visible for all to see. We are all responsible for wiping them and flushing behind them. We must assert ourselves, or there will be consequences…we are already suffering from this. We can catch them in a lie, we can catch them being hypocrites, we can watch them steal our money, we can watch them manipulate the market, but we cant tolerate our neighbor. We cant accept skin color, gender, or class. This is interesting. Another obviously destructive behavior.

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Marc Well