Bitterness the Infection

moonBitterness begats bittness, begats bitterness etc… Some of us are born into environments filled with pain, traumatic events, and confusing dilemma’s. Many of us learn to channel these challenging events into enormous amounts of positive energy, but some will not process these experiences in a safe, or effective way. This is what happens when the wound (experience) becomes an infection (bitterness). Bitterness can be easily passed on. From person to person, then from person to animal, and eventually our whole environment. Bitterness, deep anger, and resentment. Seen through radical, extreme organizations, ┬ádark religious agendas, even political corruption. These are just a few negative outlets. Others like domestic violence, rape, etc are other more visible negative outlets. Fact is we pass on what we are, what we experience. If we are carrying around these feelings, then we spread on the infection. Spiritual health requires recognizing these wounds, then healing them. I wish healing on all who read, and are in contact with this reader.


Marc Well