Message, Or The Messenger


It starts as a person with a passion, a desire for change. It becomes a mission in life to see a change. This desire becomes so powerful that it pushes the existence of this person to the break of unexplainable acts, miracles, and accomplishments. It drives them to obvious obsession. To the ends of this universe for answers. This is the story of the messenger. Their obvious qualities are passion, determination, and concern for humanity. Are these worship worthy qualities? Or just the essence of successful, and selfless thinking. Could our obsession for determined people, be the cause of such fickled behavior? The nature of our existence is to live, learn, and love. We are all guilty of not living, learning, or loving at some point in our journey, and this does not exclude any messenger on this plane. Religion would have you to believe the latter. Life would actually progress along a lot better, if we new the personal struggles of these glorious messengers, because the journey has developed this testimony. Fact is society is struggling because religion is being manipulated to teach the messenger is different from you, so it makes it hard to connect with their life challenges to become so focused on bettering life. You are capable of great works, unmeasurable deeds, powerful changes. If you live, learn, and love. Your message can be just as powerful, just as amazing. and just as true.

Love & Health
Marc Well