Heterosexual or Homosexual.. Its Still Private


Hello I will explain with definitions first. Sexuality; preoccupation with or involvement in sexual matters. Or, The condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex. Public: of, relating to, or affecting a population or a community as a whole, or open to all persons. Now lets look at the word Private; pertaining to or affecting a particular person or a small group of persons; individual; personal, or confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential, or here is one more. Removed from or out of public view or knowledge; secret. I hope to not offend anyone other than the ones attempting to force feed private feelings in public agenda, because as these definitions state everything has its place. When a person decides to make a private issue public. We set ourselves up for public judgment. As the words say. “Anything you say or do can, and will be used against you”. How and who you file your taxes with is no one else’s problem as long as they are fairly adjusted. If you are in a same sex or a different sex marriage don’t flash the rest of society. This message is just as much for the heterosexual community as much as the homosexual(dictionary)community. Gay means happy, it isn’t a sexual reference. I feel sorry for anyone who has to be forced into societies box, and for the record Sodom was not destroyed because of this issue, it was destroyed because of this extreme issue. It was worshipped. It was religious in action, and it stifled creation. There was also extreme heterosexual activity too. Humanity is a creation, created. The proof is in the fact that it was tolerated until it was a issue of extremes. Just as today it is tolerated with no obviously different judgment(STDs affect both). If we make it an agenda it will become the same issue. Lack of creation. Then it becomes a problem for nature, and humanity. Waiting until the world loves you, and then publicly announcing your preoccupied thoughts of sex whether heterosexual or homosexual(Dictionary reference) is wrong, its like flashing us in a parking lot, or streaking down the express way, but society cannot get upset about this because we asked for it. Commercials, videos, music, and movies promotes this flashing technique. Every show or image we deliver publicly has these private traits. Im talking about in the heterosexual(Dictionary ref) community more so. We force sexual feelings on society. We have forgotten the concept of dressing ourselves to promote respectful thoughts. Heterosexual behavior is expressed all day, and night without consideration for the influential eyes that watch, or hear. I am not writing today to offend anyone, Im not in anyway writing to express my opinion. I am writing this today to share a happy medium, and to promote balance. Hypocrites rest your tongue. The consequences for fornication, and adultery are the same.. bad. If we promote any such public behavior heterosexual or homosexual we promote unbalance. So lets lay off the labels, and deal with the real problem….extreme behavior. Nothing more. Sorry if I sound opinionated, I intended to do the exact opposite, as I love you both as a hopefully respectful neighbor of my eyes, ears, privacy, and right to choose. I Love You !!!

Love & Health

Marc Well


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