Skipping Steps

Good evening all. Today I would like to discuss what it means by having one without the other. What I mean is skipping steps in our development. Choosing the rules we want to follow. Changing laws to accommodate crimes against ourselves, loving religion but not your neighbor, being a public servant, but refusing to serve, etc..etc. These are crimes against humanity. These are decisions that effect us all. No one survives these choices. New churches pop up everyday. New leader arise from the far reaches of the earth all the time. We cannot have one without the other. We cannot choose who our family members are. We cannot make rules for only the rich, only the poor, only the black, only the white, only the church, only congress, only lawyers, only doctors, only the weak, or only the strong. We must go step by step. One project, one place, one person at a time, one law at a time. Balance is only possible with crossing one hill, one road, one mountain at a time. If you are killing others, hurting others, taking from others, and defaming others, then we must change this. How can we love but kill, create but steal, and teardown but build. I speak for all but the unworthy. A productive life is a life. We allow the unworthy, and the innocent alike to suffer the same fate, then we imprison them and feed them for years. Sometimes even life. The law is for the lawless. Its that simple. Not for the just, not for the productive member of society. This is why so many innocent are suffering. It is not going to be a easy transition to this path, but humanity has overcome many things before. We should be in the world and not of it. If comfort comes at the undue expense of other, then balance is destroyed. If we reorder our steps now…many wrongs can be slowly and naturally restored.

Love & Health

Marc Well



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