Truth about Time


TimeHello willing ear, I hope to not bore you, but to arouse your instincts on another subject, the truth about time. What is time to us? To you, to life? How should we define the True God? The unfathomable existence of something unseen with the power to Control(which I use loosely because of free will) worlds of creatures, and beings… matter and non. One of the secrets is time……….Time is absolute, unstoppable, forgiving, yet unforgiving, and never tells a lie. This is one of the key ingredients to mixing our existence into the perfect punch, juice, or salad. Time is either on your side or not based upon how you use it. It is ancient. It goes all the way back to the beginning. Without it we have no future. No say so. No chance, but it makes no guarantees. It takes no prisoners. All guilty are punished, all innocent are rewarded, all corruption is uncovered, all damages are discovered. Time is perfectly organized. It hears, and see everything through the eyes of nature and beyond., nothing is missed. Everything is documented. Loaded into forever hard drives. DNA is filled with time, as so is fossil fuels. Never able to change.. it is pure and well enforced by nature or creation which is another topic another misunderstood basic ingredient for another day. Just as the seasons change, cycles change, but moves like clockwork. I say this to urge us to use it more wisely. Giving nothing to chance, yet giving everything to effort. Why waste it fighting, killing, dragging out negative feelings? Cause and effect, reap what you sow. These are all actions of time. Look at our war torn communities. Look at the destructive behavior of OUR time. We are a lost generation chasing the illusion of a better life. If we show no respect for this basic rule. Many more generations will follow in this past.

Love & Health

Marc Well


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