Pressure Burst Pipes


Society is ready to burst at the weakest points. Big government taking on small task. Ant hills turn into mountains. Stop this, don’t say that, and give me all you have, and you keep the scraps. This is the reason for such pressure to build in the first place. How can society believe in a Higher Power that says come at your own free will, when they are being micromanaged by our own lower forms. It cant work that way. We must act appropriately on our own. We must not feel like we are being force fed religion, politics, racism, and violence by a greedy, corrupted, and selfishly motivated worldly power. When we elect leaders and they are caught lying to the electors…they should be held accountable, and answer to a panel of their peers. We must constantly remind them that we can speak for ourselves, and we didn’t choose them because they were better than us. If you elect a corporate man to be the speaker, he/she will then speak for corporations. This is all they know. We need to elect common people to answer to common problems. If you want an apple pie, don’t use peaches. Find the best apples you can find, and prepare for a great taste. If we continue in this path we will all loose. If we ignore this problem, how can we say we love our child, ourselves, or our community. If there is a race war, there will be no winner. If we play into this political game. There will be severe consequences. Just because you own 40 guns, doesn’t mean you can shoot them all at one time with only 2 arms. I have never seen anyone win a gun fight with a knife. Nor a WMD fight with small arms. Fact.. we don’t have to take up arms to win this. It can be won by refusing to take up arms, and force a change. If we can prove a dishonest act from our leaders, why allow them to stay. Religion has only help to muddy this water. If you are among the wealthy, healthy, and rich. It says A lot about you if you know a person in struggle. If you are a religious leader, and you are wealthier than your brokest member. You are wrong. If you become a political beacon, you shouldn’t be getting rich in there, you shouldn’t be paid anymore than you brokest voter. This assures honest effort, and balance. This is how we open our hearts correctly to a brighter future, and supreme spiritual health. Manipulation of press, insider trading, deception through policy has caused this mess. We live in a time when we give our hard earned money to entertainers, and politicians, and they use your money to hide from you, and wave their fortune in our face. Big companies control medications like drug dealers. Pay huge dollars they earn off us to manipulate policy. Why have we allowed our self esteem to fall so low like this, that we believe we need a master here made of flesh. The pressure is building and we feel we are to inferior to speak up about our unhappiness. Till we break. This is called passive for some, and passive aggressive behavior for others. If we are not assertive. Don’t say we didn’t see the signs. The pipes are whistling right now.

Marc Well


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