Spiritual Health 101

Good Day!! Today I would like to talk basic health, spiritual health. We have spiritual nerves and points just as we have physical nerves, and points. As we live out every experience here on this plane we undergo changes. Whether positive or negative. Our soul stores up this data, of pure flow/Godhead/Infinite,and Emotions/physical experience then coordinates them to display outward communication. Almost the same as physical DNA, you’ve got a soul which is a conductor for spirit (Pure Flow which is spirit, universe, infinite, God head, EtC), and emotional and physical experiences which come together to create this infinite soul. Like a perfectly fit glove our physical bodies are well adapted to survive in this atmosphere. With the exchanges of gases, and bacteria’s between us and our environment. We have made a almost perfectly fit environment. Like a gas mask we exist to please, disappoint, help, and heal. We exist to demonstrate, posses, deliver, and build.. hey that rhymed. We must train ourselves to remember the power we hold in these hands. With this mind, and with these words. So we develop properly this character. From the merging of this pure flow of energy, which is met by our experiences here. Yes here in our homes, on the streets, schools, temples, churches, families, organizations etc.. Your body is the meeting point. We have to remind ourselves that we make the call. While we are preaching, teaching, coaching, raising children, feeding our families starting wars…..yes I threw that in there. Nature has a way of dealing us back what we deal. Shedding light on the dark. Crowning the good for long suffering, rewarding the just, and healing this magnificent body of our pain. Last but not least… restoring balance.. Just as the environment outside of our body is demanding a restoration of balance, so to does the inside require this balance. A constant balance of subjective, and objective. A steady hand at social relations. We can do this. Racial, religious, and gender tension can heal with acceptance of common ground. Mysteries, and Time… they always seem to find their journeys intertwined. 



Marc Well


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