What’s Next

For the last 2000 years we have progressed toward a brighter future technologically, but in the process we have also managed to find ways to continue to render our friends, family, neighbor’s, and competition dependent, and unconnected to our innermost pure source of light. We refuse to teach our children about the importance of proper attitude towards each other, the environment, and ourselves. As the garden of life dies out. We begin to believe that life is about plotting, taking, and keeping. We start to believe that we own people, places, and things. We force others, and nature to give up the natural instinct to survive. We claim to own things and we take no responsibility for its outcome. How do we remedy this over the next 2000 years? How do we stop these insecurities about our world having its own force, its own mind? Its so hard to train up a child, invest everything into them, and then give them up to the obvious truth that they are not yours, or mine. They have their own choices, and their own destiny to live out. So many of us live our life without purpose. Never finding out our purpose, and moving without passion. I always say, ” You can die because, or die for a cause either way we have to go”. We are reprogramming everything around us to respond in a predictable, and shallow way. I’m constantly reminded of the Roman times when the games, and theater taught us how to act, and live. With no need to harness our instincts, nor live out a passionate existence. Greater is he/she that is in the world, and not of it. What does this mean to you? I will tell you what is required to live out another 2000 years. A fulfilling life, You can live for a cause or you can die because(illness accidents and such). Learn your natural talents, and use these gifts to tear down walls, and boundaries. As far as religion goes im constantly reminded of the expression of the big difference in an expert, and a professional. An expert is: a person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority; A professional: following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain. Careful with the 2 different teachers. Very few are good at both, and one is more likely to mislead you than the other. We need them to teach less dependence, and codependence. We must call out the frauds and bring them to justice immediately without stifling the ones with potential. That’s not what past spiritual examples taught, that’s what the institutions built around their lives on this plane seem to be trying to convince us of. Learning to grow foods, herbs, and respect the relationship we have with trees more, remember it is a even exchange. Become more modest with space, and our living arrangements. Protect our water ways, and water needs more. We are mostly made up of water. It is a vital resource, and another, but not the last is live in peace. We have to respect each others space and needs. This is not all of them but just a beginning of a brighter future.

Love & Health

Marc Well  


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