Dead Work

Image leaving this earth one day with the hopes of crossing over to a better place. Image living your life believing you have accepted all challenges, and succeeded at becoming all that you can become. To our knowledge we are not able to choose when, or where we are born. We are not able to decide who we want as earthly mothers and fathers. We are not able to walk, talk, or determine who is right and who is wrong on this plane. We are completely dependent on our parents to help us understand this plane. If they tell us the sky is pink, then the sky is pink, if they tell us or neighbor is bad because he/she is blue, then we think this. If they tell us to hate someone because of race, religion, gender, etc.. then hate will be the result. I would like to discuss dead works with you. It can be used in many forms, but I would like to use it in terms of discrimination, prejudice, hate crimes, and flat out violence against one another in a lifetime. In my walk I constantly encounter people, groups, and organizations that attempt to convince themselves, and others that they worship a Being of love, they profess a belief in a Higher Power that is the father of all, and we are the children of this Great Entity. They claim to have had their hearts touched by this Power that is flowing through us all. I to have been fooled by these type. They claim miracles in Its name, they claim power from Its forever flowing source. They claim to heal the sick, care for the shut in, and prayer for the world. They pay money faithfully, they are in the house of worship faithfully. Never missing a sermon, and with a huge smile on their faces when at your door to bring the good news. When confronted about their deep hate, and deception they say,” no ones perfect”. If you assume you are the answer, you have the answers, and you are the only way to the answers then how could a indiscriminative, and such a blind source choose only one outlet with such power? How could a parent choose one child and throw away the rest? How could such imperfect creations find time to perfect themselves in a lifetime to receive and pass on one true message? The truth is they cannot, and they deceive you. I listen to a person say that if someone doesn’t come to church every week, and pay ever week they will not get into what they called heaven, I also listen to that same person say that because someone else was another color they could not be a leader in their group. If one lives out their lifetime and only accept what looks like themselves, and only help ones that look as they do, or act as they do, then this is exactly the dead works I am referring to. Choosing to follow what rules you like, and trashing the rest, giving honor only to one color, gender, or religion are a sure sign that one is living a life of dead work. Meaning you waste your time and those that follow you are as well. Life is not a game of jeopardy were you choose the easy way out, but get the big reward. Where much is known, much is required. Here recently I met with someone of a specific faith that teaches that one day their leader while still a child found a old scroll and was given a tool and told to translate. Then told to take the scroll back and hide it where he found it. I question this very much, but after much meditation, and careful consideration I was just happy with the fact that this leader if he did find something of such value that he returned it back to its hiding place. I was so puzzled, but then I completely understood after I looked around the room at its members. I new that even if he had truly found such a item that it was not his, and that it was put back for just the right reason. He was told to put it back because it wasn’t for anyone else to see, it was put back for the day the next confused seeker was lead to it, as time always repeat itself it could be found again by another confused seeker. Unfortunately now he has followers gloating in his findings. Claiming to be his blood descendants. They walk around telling other that they are not worthy, and using a watered down version of what he told them to make themselves more special than others. They pass on their teachings in a prideful way proclaiming to be the one and only worthy servant. That all other followers not from the direct bloodline are worth only of certain privileges. They build a undying loyalty to the information. In my meditation after listening to this act of pride, and discrimination I found some comfort in realizing that what he claim to have found is no different from the information that flows through us all. No one body is more worthy than the other. If one assumes to be better than the next without tolerance, and forgiveness, without equality, and peace. Then their destiny is as dark as the ones they persecute. If we cannot show love to one another, and find a way to look over our differences, then daily worship, church, temples, prayer, meditation, offerings, and tithing are just dead work.

Love & Health
Marc Well       


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