Familiar Territory

Most times positive relationships are gained by agreeing to be fair, and open-minded(ex. families, and friends). Sometimes negative relationships are gained by being unfair, and close minded(ex. hate groups, corrupt officials).  We tend to attract what we find familiar, and comfortable. When forced to react we attempt to run to safe ground even if it doesn’t do others any good. Its muscle memory. As I like to call the brain a..’muscular organ’. When its been exercised a certain way, it will always react this way unless retrained. We allow our lack of proper muscular organ exercise to preform as it has been trained to. How do you stop this from happening? How do we retrain ourselves to not tolerate these closed minded thoughts, and entertain the idea of acting in a unfair way to our environment? This is a painful procedure and not many have succeeded at making this evolution in our lives. Succumbing to the idea of acting out in a unfair, or malicious manner allow us a costly way out, and requires less effort toward a peaceful goal. Learning to not give in to this spiritual illness requires great sacrifice of ones will for justice, and personal satisfaction. One can only hope for taking this issue up one challenge at a time. One section at a time. Then wait for obvious changes to surface. I want us to start to look at ourselves as spiritual creatures locked in a earthly experience for a physical body. Our worldly experience is translated by these physical parts for our spiritual selves to understand, and develop, we must step outside of what we see, and except that these earthly movements are translated into spiritually success, or failures. We can fight the concept that we have a after life, or not, but remember while we are denying it time is still moving, we are still aging, and it is not waiting for you or me to accept it. The fact is you will leave here soon. You will go somewhere else. Your flesh will be returned to the earth at some point, and what you live a lifetime denying will happen with or without your help. Familiarity is sticking strong with old habits, running with outdated ideas,and forgetting our purpose just to make a point. We cant afforded to lose one second of our time here not properly training, and developing. We must always be looking for the positive road back to positive development. I was sitting out in the pasture a few days ago watching a new calf arrive on this plane to his new mommy cow. This being her first calf she was scared, and wondering what is this little thing I’ve just had in pain, and why is it all over me crying. As she attempted to get away from the calf the calf kept up the journey to follow her, begging for a suck of life, colostrum, the source of earthly nourishment for its earthly body. Every time she stop it would attempt to gain this. Being very patient at times, till about 20 minutes later. At this point the new mommy cow notice this was not so bad, and that the calf meant no harm, today I see her and she’s a great mommy, very protective, and eager to provide this nourishment. It was that first experience  with this new situation that she accepted that has brought her the joy of her life. It is important to forgive to grow, It is important to accept the changes that we experience daily to focus, and fight for the right thing. To do what’s right. We must fight off corruption, when we discover these wrong doings we must assert ourselves in a positive way to address them, operate with integrity, and open the doors to accepting positive changes. As a effective unit we must challenge ourselves to practice zero action toward negative thoughts, and negative people. This is not an attempt to run from the issue, but to not take the negative road, or the familiar route. There are many positive familiar actions that play a role in our everyday, but these too have become a muscle memory and we should use these as examples of the positive feeling we want more of. The fact is we deserve better…YOU deserve better, and stepping outside familiar territory may just be the answer.

Love & Health

Marc Well


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