One Word, Several Languages

The title makes this sound so simple. Communication is a 2 edged sword. Things meant with no harm intended sometimes set off worlds of war. Couples separating, children falling through the cracks. Major corporations moving faster than a locomotive. Governments controlling the masses. Running over the defenseless as they fight for them. We are all looking for a way to express ourselves, seems that the ones with the power tend to weigh on the innocent with their desires to have a little more than others.  Even with their loud expressions of opinion it still seems to come out the wrong way, With the wrong results. Expression was the intent, but wounding was the end result. Religious figures in hope of saving one soul send them away in the masses misinformed, and evermore confused. Leaders elected with the intent of finding a solution for world hunger. Mothers, and fathers running off their children which they never owned in the first place. The fact is miscommunication is a great contributor of whats to come for humankind. Humanity as a whole being push to the break of throwing a temper tantrum like the immature creatures that we are. When we have several examples of a better future right around us everyday. My friend when the animals are gone, and the trees are depleted. The freedom we once knew will be no more. We must learn to explain our goals, and desires a lot more completely. We must allow all that is moral to be said, and stand for our future. Instead of thinking 5 years ahead, we need to think 20, we need to think about all affected before we speak, then say something before we act. Allow the masses of moral thought to be first and foremost in our plans. All must be considerate, and as humane as possible. Life must be our center. Our here and now. Preserving our place in the future. Using every talent, gift, and/or skill one possesses to enhance the future. Early spiritual development is key. We have to keep the lines of communications open and free flowing. This is the key to positive communication in the future. This may sound unrealistic, but it is far from it.
Love & Health
Marc Well   


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