Mystery Of One

A Unit is defined: A single thing or person. Any group of things or persons regarded as an entity: They formed a cohesive unit. One of the individuals or groups that together constitute a whole; one of the parts or elements into which a whole may be divided or analyzed. Any magnitude regarded as an independent whole; a single, indivisible entity. Now this to me sums up the whole. We all assume a role in the up bringing of civilization. We all have this inner power to be cultivated. To play a part in the whole. No one unit is more valuable than the next in the grand scheme of things, but yet some of us will assume more responsibility, and therefore play a larger role in its development. In the day to day. Being a whole requires several units, or parts to function. The parts must work together, and each assume responsibility for its part. Any negatively functioning parts will negatively effect the whole, any over exertion of one part will burnout the unit and therefore cause the whole to operate out of balance, or maybe not at all. This is the story of our existence, this is why we are here. We must learn this concept…working together, showing compassion for other parts of the whole, not interfering with positive contribution. Seeking new ways to positively express ourselves. Allowing the whole to have new units, and make upgrades as needed. We should be happy to one day leave this plane knowing we left the world, and humanity in one piece. In Peace. When we fight for reasons such as religious freedom, race, gender etc. If we do it in a disruptive way we damage the effectiveness of the whole. As we have our individual chance to live on this plane, and share our unique experiences with each other by living out our purpose. We must work to understand our difference in choice, and opinion. Don’t think for a second one can wipe out anyone of difference, and not spend the rest of your time here alone. These are things that if we stop for a moment and look ahead. We would see it is ourselves that we hurt if we stop moving, living, and learning. Thinking as one requires communication. Room for honest statistics, and everyone playing their part. Expanding out across the universe. Raising up families that respect their neighbors, and care for their environment. Holding those accountable for purposed destruction, and fixing poorly functioning parts (people). Making regular upgrades. This requires open communication. Looking over skin, religion, and gender. Drawing out every individuals talents to the surface. If it doesn’t effect the production, accept it as a individuals life. This should be our earnest desire. It inspires peace. It promotes family. Insults should be addressed with why, and solutions should be considered. Cruelty should be unacceptable, and forgiveness should be sought. One comes as an idea with many working parts coming together for one purpose. One accomplishment after another. This is the mystery. No one person, place or thing on this plane has all the answer. They are spread among every unit, individual, or part to make a whole.

Love & Health

Marc Well         


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