Indecent and Out Of Order

I think the most miraculous aspect of a mountain is the look up. I think the greatest accomplishment of being on top of one is the work it took to get up there, but on many occasions during the climb, the climber probably thought of the idea of just taken the helicopter straight to the top. After thinking this.. the one with integrity, and drive would most likely keep going at a steady pace. Trying to stay focused on the mission, and the self gratification from such a great accomplishment by taking one step at a time. I look back at some of the challenges of my mortal existence, and I tell myself I can continue. I constantly tell myself what experience would I gain if I took the short cut, or how far down is it if I skip a step and fall. I don’t want to imagine our lives without a spiritual connection. The emptiness of existence on this plane. I see this happening right now, so many short cuts, so many effortless lives wasting. From elevators, escalators, faster trains, food, and cars. Such powerful technology, for such a manual creature. I myself am guilty of using such effortless accommodations. What these things do for us subliminally is eat at our spiritual integrity. I’m sure this was not the intention when the brilliant inventor created them. Lets go even deeper into this rabbit hole, lets talk about lack of self sufficiency. Bringing children in the world and not providing the basic standards for growth. Depending on someone else’s hard work to pay for our existence. Creating and using weapons of mass destruction. Using a gun instead of a rational solution. Enjoying the gift of intercourse, without the respect for a gift of new life. Now I never said I was against self defense of ones self, and family. I feel it is our duty to protect our love ones, and self. I never said if intercourse was forced on someone that they don’t have a right to make this crucial choice that only the abused can make. We are talking about the indecent and out of order choices. Winning at the cost of others. Lack of integrity when making decisions. We all do it. These are the things that disconnect us from our true destiny. These are the distractions of our spiritual development. If we think Church/Mass/Temple/Mosque etc. will restore this you are wrong, however it is a good start. If we think a mass cover up will keep the peace, we are again sadly mistaken. If we think downplaying its severity it will pass. The consequencences will still rear its ugly head. These again are all things that obstruct our spiritual flow, but yet life goes on. There is a way to earn a reputation as a great competitor without destroying the reputation of the competition. I myself love to compete. It is the natural order of the food chain. Rather it be regular prayer, or meditation these are both good starts. Tithing will not spare us the consequences of irresponsible debt. A condom will not spare us the consequences of irresponsible sex. A credit card will not satisfy our need for material things. Racism/separatism/discrimination/sexism will not save us from criminals, sexual predators, or drug and alcohol abusers moving next door to us. We complain about other religions, and races of people as if our imperfection don’t shine just in the words we say, or the open criticism. If you think your religion, and your ideas are the only ones right, again you obstruct your spiritual growth. There is a decent way to present ones self to others. There is a order to our steps to success, this world is now suffering the consequences of our injustice, oppression, and prejudice. For a human to put a blind description on a criminal act is foolish and a dangerous step, for it will be your naivety that will bring a terrible surprise. If we think we can drive a wedge between our community then expect them to not eventually seek justice is again foolish. Everything must be decent and in order. These are all thing that damage our spiritual development. If we do not make these choices to follow this order ourselves, and if we don’t find a decent outlet for these issues…We will receive a cleansing straight through the main system of humanity. Can you imagine what this would be like(painful). For one race, religion, or gender to think we can handle the pain that would be inflicted by the oppressed is foolish. Lets make this effort without force, cause our spiritual development is in jeopardy. Nature will not tolerate it, and humanity is in jeopardy, the next creature on the food chain is standing by to reign.. Its just that simple

Love & Health
Marc Well     


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