Message In A Bottle

Time is so honest, as the human aspects of me take over, I let it get away from me the last week. I want to talk to you a bit more about the Spirit. There are different ways, many different ways to accept it, use it, or confuse it. Lets talk about the most sometimes innocent, and familiar way to us it…Religion.  Religion for the last 2000 or so years has been the most consistent method of bridging it to our carnal existence. Politicians harness it to manipulate, governments use it to control mass numbers, Great Orators use it to keep the bills paid, but at the end of the day it is still a powerful instruction methods. Coordinating it with our flesh can be a great character builder, but lets talk more about the damage done without proper understanding of such a tool. It becomes very damaging. Causing confusion, even war until death. Eventually instead of being seen as a institution to build character, and faith in ones self and existence. It becomes oppressive, and a stripper of ones Spiritual rights. How is this possible that something so right, so helpful, and so touching can cause so much life, or Pain? Well I’m here to tell you. It was never meant to be used in a intentionally oppressive way, let me explain. Spirituality has no face, it has no name, it only exist to flow through an individual. Through every creature. It is a bridge between who we are, where we are from, and where we are headed. Spirit plus experience here on this plane builds great character if allowed to flow freely. If the psyche becomes damage during growth, it becomes stagnant, which builds pressure, which becomes painful. Pressure burst pipes. It was meant to be the receiver of the damaged, the afflicted, and the oppressed. It was designed to inspire, and to coordinate like mined efforts, but instead it has become a hard driving community killer. Great Orators harnesses its influence to push crying souls to the break of radical conclusions with no basis, and the lose of ones identity. Then your identity is that of the leader. Higher power is only seen through the eyes of this, or these individuals. You forget that the spirit flows from the inside out, you forget what’s best for yourself, and which finger on the hand you play. This is why great humanitarians like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc… Become the target leaders of such institutions. They basically take these Spiritual providers, and put their message in a bottle, and it is yours to purchase at a great price. Your individuality. The most wonderful thing about being and individual is the opportunity to come together for the betterment on humankind. Coordinating our spiritual flow on one accord. This is possible with a delicate approach. Never intentionally stepping on others toes. I speak of this not to offend, but to open the door to better spiritual health for our existence together here on this plane. Bottling up truths for sell is what i’m speaking of today.

Love & Health

Marc Well    


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