The Other Side of The Universe

Great is the civilization that decides to reach out into new worlds. I have always been amazed by the universe. The wide open combination of solar rays. So beautiful.. If you haven’t considered your place in the future, then you deprive yourself, and your lineage of a bright future. Seriously what would be a better excuse to continue populating, and prospering. We need more space, and we need more earthly bodies to reach this objective. Most cannot look past our massive credit card debit, and all the racial tension to see our inevitable future. There is a great leap going on for more resources, more laborers, and better teamwork. There is no need to feel left out. Bring your ideas and your shovel. The other side of the universe is calling. Why focus on the big expensive home, and car with all the amenities. Why become content here, when this is just our beginning. We have dominion over much more space. Why cap out so soon. I think today is only a stepping stone for tomorrow. Where you see failure there makes room for new attempts at growth. Let’s avoid the urge to criticize and let’s see where our skills are needed to create this wonderful opportunity for development. 

Love & Health

Marc Well


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