Oppressing the Truth

Truth is the experience of time. Time provides a chance for one to watch a fact or deception to rear its head. They use to say the earth was flat. We were taught that if you traveled to far you would simply fall off. At one time we were convinced we could not fly, but today flights bounce all over the planet. Why do we suppress so many truths? Maybe its because we have gave up on our true calling. Maybe its because we base our tuth on other peoples experience instead of reaching for that star for ourselves. Is there actually someone, some handicap, or someplace that we truly cannot go? The answer is no.The fact is the only thing that stopped us from walking to the edge of the earth is fear. I don’t think that one specific race, or gender is the reason for this oppression. I think fear is the flaw of everyone of us that keeps us from discovering truth. If here was no lack of effort over time anyone of us could have been the discoverer of these truths. For some this oppression is real. We feel it is someone else fault that we have been left in the dark. That the answers are not available, when in fact anybody at anytime can tap into this source of power within. The spirit operates from the inside out. Fear is what causes us to sit back and allow others to make these great discoveries. Fear is the reason we allow others to make all the big decisions for humanity. Fear is what keeps us grounded here in what we assume to be a hopeless situation. This universe belongs to us all, it is our beautiful playground, and most of us are afraid to come out and play. It drives our prejudice, our failures, and our refusal to rationalize and except these challenges. Worse of all it keeps us from growing up as a species. Fear is our oppressor.

Love & Health
Marc Well


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