Devil in the Details

As a child I spent many hours sitting in a hot church, half asleep, or listening to someone tell me that the way to heaven is only through Jesus Christ. Setting myself and every member in the church up for constant oppression and failure. They said that if you don’t go through Jesus to get to God, then you are wrong, and will go to hell. Convincing me that the power in me is nothing, and that if we don’t give them 10 % of our earnings we will receive this fate as well. I remember watching the same people come in with their best duds on, and sitting on the front row just waiting to burst in tears, cause they cant make ends meet, and begging for the church leaders to help them find life. He would stand up and yell for hours about the spirit of God, how great God is, and what he has done for him lately. You’ve got hurting people out there that think if they live like the church leader they will be saved. Paying tithes, and not the rent. Giving all their possession up to “follow Christ”.

Don’t this seem odd to you? The only reason his life is better than yours is because he is living off of you, and what you don’t have. Hoping you will be obedient, and rubbing it in your face. I tell you this is obvious oppression. Success at someone else expense. Jesus did live, and he was a great example of how we are to live, just as many other humanitarians, they just wasn’t as marketable as him. We have to grow up as a species, we have to become responsible for our own development instead of finding scape goats like religion, the devil, to many government officials, and to few opportunities for a equality. I use to sit there and listen to people get up and testify how they just feel so much spirit in the place, while people cry in distress. They talk about God like its just some really powerful person. Then they go into how other people beliefs, and motivations are nothing, and that their doctrine has all the answers. They talk down on other community churches, and label them as false.

This is the reason why so many are hurting, and only feel temporary comfort. In fact the only way is to believe in yourself, your family, and your community. Help your neighbor, respect your environment. Choose life, and nurture your fragile existence. This is the answer. The fact is no doctrine on this half green earth is fool proof, and the more answers you think you have the more holes in your story, the fact is we are a oppressed generation, with limited accountability for our actions, lying to people to keep their attention, and confusing our purpose here on this planet. We have one destiny.. to grow up. This brain is rarely used the right way, and we have a whole universe awaiting our arrival. The next time someone tells you they know the way, and they start to blast you with the details. Question and know this is the true devil. We are our Devil, and we are our God after all we are made of this earth, and the spirit of God lives within every last one of us, your experience is your teacher of the truth. We don’t need a devil to ruin our lives, and we don’t need a preacher to change it. Lets grow up humanity.   

Love & Health
Marc Well


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